Thematic focus: "Migration and Forced Labour"


A huge number of people are moving around the world, mostly not by choice but forced by circumstances in their country of origin that do not allow them access to a job or a decent future for themselves or their families. There are different reasons for current migratory flows: collapsed economies, brutal political systems, armed conflicts, and even areas affected by the harsh consequences of climate change. Many are willing to risk everything in search of the tiniest hope of a better life.

Main issues:
1| Working conditions and lack of minimum rights faced by migrants and refugees.
2|Economic, social, and cultural contributions and benefits of migration.

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Migración y trabajo forzoso

Migración y trabajo forzoso

Migrant workers face racism, the lack of minimum safety conditions and labour rights, and even labour exploitation virtually inhuman. At the same time, they contribute to the growth and development of the host countries, while countries of origin benefit from the remittances and skills that migrants acquire when they are abroad.

Because it is more urgent than ever to realize the importance of regulating migration in a way that respects the right to work without discrimination, we invite filmmakers to register their works on this subject in order to generate a major positive impact and make the world aware, through their art, of the enormous benefit of creating a future that puts people and their valuable contribution at the heart of development.

Migración y trabajo forzoso