As to content, the works to be submitted must tell stories related to the world of work and workers. Under this thematic area, the festival is looking for stories of courage, progress, fellowship, simple or grandiloquent stories that strike a chord with viewers, or educate and report on situations that should be open to social discussion. Within the wide scope of the topic, by way of example, please find below the four main themes on which Construir TV and Construir Cine are based on.


We believe that the social dimension is the basis upon which better societies are to be built. Subjects such as solidarity, ecological awareness, sustainability, care for the planet in which we live, fundamental rights at work, gender equality, inclusion, child labor, forced labor, migrant labor, disability and labor, and social protection, among other topics, are valid themes to apply for the contest.


Life stories in which the main characters are the workers themselves, their realities and dreams through intimate stories that expose the contribution of each person in the realization of a work or project and the construction of society.


Training makes people more competent and competitive, and improves workers’ life quality. Education-based entertainment. Innovative formats that rely on education as a fundamental part of individual progress and society as a whole.


Industry is the meeting place for technological and human resources. In this area, the role of entrepreneurship, business activity, scientific and technological advances, state participation, the role of trade unions and human capital are evident. The development of the industry as a way towards the future of work.